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Subject Characteristics

A total of 775 breastfeedings were monitored. Each infant had 11 ± 3 breastfeedings per day (range: 6–18). The interval between breastfeedings was 2 hours 18 minutes ± 43 minutes (range: 4 minutes to 10 hours 58 minutes). Of these breastfeedings, 345 (44.5%) were unpaired (182 from the more productive breast and 163 from the less productive breast), with an interval of >1 hour until the next breastfeeding for 90% of these breastfeedings. A total of 412 (53.2%) breastfeedings were paired, and 18 (2.3%) were clustered. That is, there were 7.9 ± 1.8 meals per day (range: 4–13), and the interval between meals was 3 hours 2 minutes ± 41 minutes (range: 40 minutes to 10 hours 58 minutes). Thirteen percent of infants always had paired breastfeedings ( n = 9), 30% of infants always had unpaired breastfeedings ( n = 21), and the remaining 57% of infants had a mixture of paired and unpaired breastfeedings ( n = 41).

There were no changes in the breastfeeding frequency with age of the infant and no significant difference in breastfeeding frequency between girls and boys. The more productive breast was fed from as frequently as the less productive breast, and when the breastfeedings were paired, the more productive breast was offered first as frequently as the less productive breast. There was no relationship between the number of breastfeedings per day and the 24-hour milk production of the mothers.

The infants took 76.0 ± 12.6 g (range: 0–240 g) at each breastfeeding. There was an inverse relationship between the number of breastfeedings per day and the average breastfeeding volume ( r 2 = 0.442; P < .001; n = 142 breasts). The average meal was 101.4 ± 15.6 g (range: 0–350 g). The average breastfeeding volume was unrelated to the age of the infant ( P = .421), but there was an increase in the maximum breastfeeding volume with advancing age between 4 and 26 weeks ( r 2 = 0.09; P < .010). The maximum breastfeeding volume of boys was greater than that of girls (154.6 ± 54.8 g for boys vs 129.8 ± 29.0 g for girls; P = .029), but there was no significant difference in the average breastfeeding (79.3 ± 26.9 g for boys vs 73.0 ± 22.4 g for girls; P = .299). The average breastfeeding from the more productive breast was higher than that from the less productive breast ( P < .001; Table 1 ), and individual breastfeedings from the more productive breast were larger than from the less productive breast ( P < .001; Fig Hot SolesMules black qy7FZ


Volume of milk consumed at a breastfeeding from the more productive breast (□) and the less productive breast (□) when the breastfeedings were unpaired or paired. Values are means with SEM represented by vertical bars. More productive and less productive breasts are different ( < .0001).

Breastfeeding volumes were significantly associated with breastfeedings' being unpaired, paired, or clustered. For an unpaired breastfeeding, the infants consumed 90 ± 26 g (range: 0–240 g). When the breastfeedings were paired, the infants consumed 73 ± 11 g (range: 5–185 g) for the first breast and 54 ± 9 g (range: 0–176 g) from the second. For the clustered breastfeedings, the infant took a median of 42 g (IQR: 31–103 g) from the first breast, a median of 20 g (IQR: 8–44 g) from the second breast, and a median of 31 g (IQR: 6–73 g) from the third breast. For the paired breastfeedings, when the more productive breast was fed from first, the infant took more ( P < .0001) from the first breast than from the second breast (Fig YOURTURNSmart laceups brown rt4HE9vKfb
). When the less productive breast was fed from first, the infant took similar volumes from each breast (Fig 1 ).

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Re: Netflix is currently unavailable 1287
‎05-27-2018 04:03 PM
‎05-27-2018 04:03 PM
So is Netflix still unavailable for you? I just noticed this a couple days ago. I’ve unplugged and restarted and still the same.
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Re: Netflix is currently unavailable 1287
DISH Employee
‎05-27-2018 04:17 PM
‎05-27-2018 04:17 PM

Hello, Jnewt. It does appear that there may be an issue with Netflix impacting several members. We are aware of the issue and our Engineering Team is working on a fix as we speak. Right now, we do not have an exact date when this fix will be pushed through. We highly appreciate your patience as we work towards solving this.

We do have a work around you could try. It has been reported that it does work from some customers.Can I have you unplug all of the receivers in the home, starting with the Hopper please? We want them to all be unplugged at the same time for at least 10 seconds, then plug them back in starting with the Hopper. After they finish coming back online, at the Hopper, press the Menu button twice then go to Tools> Reset to Factory Defaults> select Netflix.

I hope this helps!

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Re: Netflix is currently unavailable 1287
Character Actor
‎05-30-2018 06:35 PM
‎05-30-2018 06:35 PM

After multiple calls and chats from 'support' one 'tech' finally tells me this is a known issue. For as long as this has been an issue, I think a refund is due to those of us that are having the problem. When I asked, I got a whopin' $5 off. Maybe if they had to give more of us this adjustment, it would encourage them to find that work around faster.

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Re: Netflix is currently unavailable 1287
Costume Designer
‎06-02-2018 02:19 PM
‎06-02-2018 02:19 PM

EVERYONE (meaning DISH customers) is having trouble accessing NETFLIXwhether you have a Joey or a Hopper, or Hopper with Sling. Netflix said that it is a software glitch, they have been working on it since March, etc. etc. ect. The ironic thing about this is that our NETFLIX became UNAVAILABLE (Code 1297) 3 days ago. Basically , nothing DISH can do about it. The the tech (from India) started tellig me that NETFLIX is only COMPLIMENTARY so it doesn't matter. WHAT???????????????NETFLIX advertised on the DISH console is major advertising for them! It's their whole MARKETING TOOL! So really? I talked to a supervisor (english) and he explained that DISH actually doesn't know what is going on and they don't know where the problem is coming from and they are working on PATCHES for the software to get us all up and running with NETFLIX again! It could take MONTHS! WOW! Meantime, there goes my NETFLIX SUBSCRIPTION right?

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The Power to See Ourselves
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A psychological fact is that manager development means change in the manager’s self-concept. Each of us, whether we realize it or not, has a self-image. We see ourselves in some way—smart, slow, kindly, well-intentioned, lazy, misunderstood, meticulous, or shrewd; we all can pick adjectives that describe ourselves. This is the “I” behind the face in the mirror, the “I” that thinks, dreams, talks, feels, and believes, the “I” that no one knows fully. In this article we will explore the meaning of the self-image, particularly in relation to changing behavior in growing managers, and how changes in self-concept come about.

One reason this self-concept is crucial is that it has a great deal to do with manager development—with being a growing person and eventually realizing one’s self-potential. Note the term manager development rather than management development; the purpose of such development is to help individual managers to grow. After all, they have to do most of the job themselves. As a member of a firm of consulting psychologists to management, I can report that fact from experience—and add the further observation that no one can tell managers exactly how to grow. Rather, the most one can do is to help managers understand themselves in their own situations, and then trust them to find the best directions themselves.

In the first place, the self-concept is important because everything we do or say, everything we hear, feel, or otherwise perceive, is influenced by how we see ourselves. For example:

A businessman, who had traveled in many parts of the world, was incorrigibly curious about the customs, speech, local places of interest, history, and traditions of any place he visited. However, on a one-week visit to London—his first—on a delicate mission for his company, he might just as well have been in Indianapolis for all he learned of English ways of life. Being on a business trip, he saw himself as a businessman, and actually perceived little of what was around him. But as a vacationer in London he would have seen England in depth, because he would have seen himself coming to London for that purpose.

Photographers often slip a reddish filter over the lens when snapping pictures of clouds on black and white film. The filter prevents some of the light rays from reaching the film, so that the final picture shows much darker skies and more sharply whitened clouds. The self-concept is like a filter that screens out what we do not want to hear and see, passes through what we do want to see and hear. In the reverse direction, it gives an idiosyncratic flavor to our behavior. Don’t we all usually pick our name out of a jumble of words on a page? Or hear our name announced at an airport amidst all of the other announcements that we fail to hear? This is called selective listening, and it is a function of our self-concept. Thus, how we see ourselves determines generally what we react to, what we perceive, and, in broad terms, how we behave in general.

6th 7th, September, 2018 Bangalore, India

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Natalie Evans Harris

COO, BrightHive, USA

Manish Gupta

Co-founder and CEO, VideoKen Infosys Foundation Chair Professor at IIIT Bangalore

Komal Sharma Talwar

Founder TT Consultants , XLPAT Member, GoI AI Task Force

Abishek Surendran

Partner at pi Ventures

Harsha Urlam

Data Scientist, Boeing

Kartik Kulbhushan

Global Business Transformation Leader Sun Pharma

Atul Tripathi

AI Consultant to PMO

Namrita Mahindro

Senior GMDigital Transformation Mahindra Group

Ravinder Pal Singh

Chief Information Innovation OfficerTata Singapore Airlines (Air Vistara)

S. Senthil Nathan

GM – Information SystemsCavinkare Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Om Deshmukh

Sr. Director – Analytics Solutions Data Sciences InnovationEnvestnet Yodlee

Ajit Narayanan

Chief Technology Officer mfine (Novocura Tech Health Services Pvt Ltd)


Jesse Damiani

CEO of Galatea San Francisco, California. USA

Jaspreet Bindra

Senior VP Digital Transformation/ Chief Digital Officer Mahindra Group

Ankur Narang

Senior Vice President Technology Decision Sciences Yatra Online Pvt Ltd

Deepak Sharma

Chief Digital Officer Kotak Mahindra Bank

Johnson Poh

Adjunct Faculty Big Data and Analytics Singapore Management University

Kaushik Ghate

Sr. Vice President Head –Consumer Analytics Data Sciences HDFC Bank

Dhanesh Padmanabhan

Director of Engineering - Analytics Truecaller

Sayed Peerzade

Group Chief Information Officer Reliance Group

Avik Sarkar

Head, Data Analytics Cell NITI Ayog

Amol Pai

President Business Digital Technology Solutions YES Bank

Amit Kurhekar

Global technology leader Procter Gamble

Fuel for Growth

AI is the new raga these days

It’s hard to decipher the difference between hype reality when it comes to artificial intelligence and the work being done around the technology. The one thing that’s clear is that the nature of work and creativity is changing rapidly. The question is no longer what AI can do for you, but HOW can you successfully get your AI strategy in place, and HOW can you effectively leverage AI to boost business outcomes.


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